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1Lot 1 details
A quantity of silver cruets, various, a cigarette case and six silver plated coffee spoons with bean terminals, approximate silver weight 325gm
Estimate £50 - 70 plus fees

2Lot 2 details
Two sets of six silver handled fruit knives, cased
Estimate £20 - 30 plus fees

3Lot 3 details
A silver mounted hand mirror and brush, Birmingham 1926, a silver napkin ring, London 1908, a propelling pencil, shoe horn and a set of six plated Art Deco style coffee spoons
Estimate £20 - 30 plus fees

4Lot 4 details
Three silver Old English pattern tablespoons, London 1918 and three other silver spoons, approximately 379gm
Estimate £100 - 150 plus fees

5Lot 5 details
A quantity of silver to include a pocket watch and a set of five Georgian spoons, approximately 197gm weighable
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

6Lot 6 details
A silver three-piece dressing set with repoussé decoration, in fitted case, a miniature silver-backed travelling dressing set in a brown leather fitted case and an enamel backed brush, cased
Estimate £100 - 150 plus fees

7Lot 7 details
A silver cigarette box, C S & F S London 1928, the cover with photographic image of the Spirit of Ecstasy, the inscription 'to CWB from Friends at RR, April 1929', 17.5cm wide/Note: with letter of provenance
Estimate £200 - 300 plus fees

8Lot 8 details
A silver-backed hand mirror, London 1913 and another marks rubbed
Estimate £40 - 60 plus fees

9Lot 9 details
An Art Deco silver card case, G W L & Co. Birmingham 1935, with engine turned decoration, 8.5cm wide
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

10Lot 10 details
Six bright cut silver tea spoons, London 1796, two more and a plated sifting spoon, approximately 127gm
Estimate £50 - 70 plus fees

11Lot 11 details
A silver tankard, a plated jug, a match box cover and a biscuit box and cover
Estimate £70 - 90 plus fees

12Lot 12 details
A silver sovereign/half-sovereign case, Colen Hewer, Chester 1902, monogrammed
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

13Lot 13 details
A set of four silver salts, marks rubbed, of lobed form, twelve silver apostle teaspoons, HW, Sheffield 1895, a pair of silver handled fish servers and a set of twelve silver handled fish knives and forks, all in fitted cases
Estimate £100 - 150 plus fees

14Lot 14 details
A pair of silver candlesticks, T & S, Birmingham 1958, of tapering column form on hexagonal bases, 19cm high (weighted)
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

15Lot 15 details
An Art Deco silver wine funnel, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1943, with removable strainer, approximately 60gm gross
Estimate £70 - 90 plus fees

16Lot 16 details
A silver penknife with mother-of-pearl handle, the blade JM, Sheffield 1870, a small Dutch silver box with import marks and a silver napkin ring, contained in an oval box with white metal cover
Estimate £40 - 60 plus fees

17Lot 17 details
A quantity of silver to include a Queen Anne caster, an embossed tea caddy and cover, a salver, a George III cream jug, various spoons and cruets, approximately 1670gm
Estimate £600 - 800 plus fees

18Lot 18 details
Sundry silver flatware, mainly teaspoons, approximately 260g
Estimate £70 - 100 plus fees

19Lot 19 details
A silver-backed dressing table set, Birmingham 1922, with engine turned decoration, initialled, comprising a pair of hairbrushes, a pair of clothes brushes and a hand mirror
Estimate £50 - 70 plus fees

20Lot 20 details
A silver porringer and spoon, W & W, London 1926, inscribed, a two-handled bowl, a cased Christening spoon and a limited edition 1981 Royal Wedding ashtray, approximately 440gm
Estimate £100 - 150 plus fees

21Lot 21 details
A late 17th Century style silver porringer, London 1896, with S scroll handles and stiff leaf decoration, approximately 233gm
Estimate £80 - 120 plus fees

22Lot 22 details
A silver strawberry serving set, William Hutton & Sons Ltd., London 1897, comprising a pair of spoons and a sifter spoon with Apostle terminals and five Apostle teaspoons, approximately 260gm
Estimate £70 - 100 plus fees

23Lot 23 details
A silver tea caddy, William Comyns, London 1900, of quatrefoil form with pine cone finials to the cover, embossed pastoral scenes, 12cm high, approximately 140gm
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

24Lot 24 details
Two silver trophies with Kiambu Club inscriptions, a set of six coffee spoons with bean terminals, a set of fruit knives and forks, a cigarette case, pin trays, photo frames etc., approximately 644gm weighable
Estimate £200 - 300 plus fees

25Lot 25 details
A provincial silver brandy warmer, Christian John Reid, Newcastle 1871, with turned wood handle, approximately 98gm/
Estimate £70 - 100 plus fees

26Lot 26 details
A pair of silver and enamel stirrup menu holders, Levi & Salaman, Birmingham 1919/1920 and a silver mounted folding comb with blue stone button operation, C & C, import marks London 1925
Estimate £80 - 100 plus fees

27Lot 27 details
An 18th Century silver case, unmarked, the hinged cover enclosing six mother-of-pearl handled blades, the case with crest and armorial, 7cm high and another Georgian nécessaire containing part fittings, 9cm high/Note: Armorial of Jackson
Estimate £150 - 200 plus fees

28Lot 28 details
A silver model of the Mary Rose, Birmingham 1982, on a wooden plinth, 13cm high
Estimate £80 - 100 plus fees

29Lot 29 details
A quantity of silver mounted glass scent bottles, a bitters pourer etc.
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

30Lot 30 details
An oval silver box, William Comyns, London 1909, the pierced hinged cover decorated an antelope and a tiger, 10cm wide, a silver jug and bowl, two small silver boxes etc., approximately 380gm weighable
Estimate £100 - 150 plus fees

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