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285Lot 285 details & condition report or notes
An 18th Century blue and white vase and cover (badly broken), a broken jade and various Chinese hardwood stands
Estimate £30 - 50 plus fees

286Lot 286 details
Four various jadeite archers rings, various colours, the tallest 3cm high
Estimate £80 - 120 plus fees

287Lot 287 details & condition report or notes
A Chinese brass bowl, a pair of vases applied dragons and another bowl
Estimate £80 - 120 plus fees

288Lot 288 details
A vegetable ivory carved netsuke, modelled as a dog with beaded eyes, 4cm high
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

289Lot 289 details & condition report or notes
A pair of Japanese bronze vases, each of baluster form decorated birds and foliage, highlighted in gilt and signed to base, 17.5cm high
Estimate £150 - 200 plus fees

290Lot 290 details
Six octagonal Chinese dishes, with blue underglaze, painted decoration in oranges, green and yellow, each 14.5cm diameter, an enamelled tea bowl and another
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

291Lot 291 details & condition report or notes
A 19th Century Indian ivory hand mirror, intricately carved with foliate detail and a bird to either side, in a mahogany travelling case
Estimate £100 - 150 plus fees

292Lot 292 details
A pair of late 19th/early 20th Century Chinese silk shoes, embroidered to a blue and cream ground
Estimate £80 - 120 plus fees

293Lot 293 details
A Japanese blue and white charger decorated a peacock, 46cm diameter
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

294Lot 294 details
A pair of Japanese satsuma vases of baluster shape decorated with scenes of figures in gardens and interiors to a cobalt blue ground, signed under, 31cm high and a ceramic figure of a court official holding a ruyi septre, 44cm high
Estimate £80 - 100 plus fees

295Lot 295 details & condition report or notes
An 18th Century Chinese porcelain and ivory mounted bird cage feeder, in a blue glaze, 7cm diameter including fitting
Estimate £200 - 300 plus fees

296Lot 296 details & condition report or notes
A small group of Oriental wares to include a pair of cloisonné vases to a green ground, each a hardwood stand, a cinnabar lacquer vase and stand and two others
Estimate £150 - 200 plus fees

297Lot 297 details
19th Century Company School/Decorated Elephant with Howdah/the mahout seated with two passengers with attendant beside/gouache on mica, 18cm x 14cm
Estimate £120 - 150 plus fees

298Lot 298 details
19th Century Company School/Muharram Procession/gouache on mica, 13cm x 17cm
Estimate £120 - 150 plus fees

299Lot 299 details
Shiva Lal, Company School/European Gentleman being Transported in a Palanquin/gouache on mica, 9.5cm x 13cm and/Camel with Rider/gouache on mica, 9.5cm x 13cm/framed as one
Estimate £150 - 200 plus fees

300Lot 300 details & condition report or notes
An Indian bronze figure of a seated immortal on a grotesque beast, 35.5cm high
Estimate £200 - 250 plus fees

301Lot 301 details
A white metal figure of Buddha, seated his hand resting on his knee, 8cm high
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

302Lot 302 details
A Mughal style watercolour with earlier manuscript script, 25cm x 18cm
Estimate £40 - 60 plus fees

303Lot 303 details
A Chinese hardwood stand
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

304Lot 304 details
An Oriental blue glass scent bottle, reverse glass painted warriors on horseback, 10cm high
Estimate £100 - 150 plus fees

305Lot 305 details & condition report or notes
A late 18th Century black and gold lacquer work box with drawer and fitted interior and a few ivory and mother-of-pearl requisites for the same
Estimate £150 - 200 plus fees

306Lot 306 details
A pair of Japanese satsuma vases decorated actors and immortals, 47cm high and a hexagonal vase (converted for electricity), 39.5cm high
Estimate £120 - 180 plus fees

307Lot 307 details
A Chinese carved soapstone figure depicting a European grape picker, 15cm high
Estimate £40 - 60 plus fees

308Lot 308 details
A Chinese jade carving of two mandarin ducks and a lotus flower, on a hardwood stand, 6cm wide
Estimate £50 - 70 plus fees

309Lot 309 details & condition report or notes
A large pair of Oriental jars, each decorated in purple to a blue ground, 44cm high
Estimate £80 - 120 plus fees

310Lot 310 details
A quantity of Eastern metalwares to include a white metal bottle and stopper of globe and shaft form, 37cm high and a brass hanging plaque depicting an Indian deity
Estimate £50 - 70 plus fees

311Lot 311 details
An Oriental lacquered tea set on a tray, decorated dragons, comprising six cups, six saucers, six spoons and tray
Estimate £20 - 30 plus fees

312Lot 312 details & condition report or notes
A group of Chinese, mainly Cantonese porcelain, to include a pair of baluster vases, four other various vases, a large famille verte bowl, a small teapot and various others
Estimate £150 - 200 plus fees

313Lot 313 details
A Chinese porcelain teapot, 20th Century, decorated peaches and enamelled in colours to a gilt ground, painted peach mark under, 33cm high
Estimate £20 - 30 plus fees

314Lot 314 details
A square dish with Eastern white metal border and ball feet, 20cm x 20cm
Estimate £50 - 70 plus fees

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