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320Lot 320 details & condition report or notes
Richard Britton (British, born 1931)/ Portrait of a Springer Spaniel/signed/acrylic on board, 29.5cm x 37cm
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

321Lot 321 details & condition report or notes
Eileen Aldridge (British 1916-1990)/The Nursery/dated 1955/oil on canvas, 50cm x 60cm
Estimate £80 - 120 plus fees

322Lot 322 details & condition report or notes
Isaac Antcher (Moldovan 1899-1992)/Village Viewed Through Trees/oil on board, 40cm x 30cm
Estimate £120 - 180 plus fees

323Lot 323 details & condition report or notes
Brian Coole (British, born 1939)/The Glorious 1st of June 1794 – The Death of Lieutenant Nevile/oil on canvas, 44cm x 60cm
Estimate £300 - 500 plus fees

324Lot 324 details
19th Century/Friar Playing a Bassoon/oil on canvas, 24cm x 19cm
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

325Lot 325 details
Manner of Adriano Bonifazi/Portrait of a Boy/oval/oil on canvas, 44cm x 34cm
Estimate £150 - 200 plus fees

326Lot 326 details
Alexander Hellier Berens (died 1927)/Study of a Recumbent Lion/inscribed verso/oil on board, 44.5cm x 30cm
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

327Lot 327 details & condition report or notes
Alfred Feyen Perrin (1838-1918)/A Frosty Day, Plas Celyn, Penmaen Mawr/signed A F Perrin 1880 and inscribed verso/oil on canvas, 77cm x 51cm
Estimate £250 - 350 plus fees

328Lot 328 details
Mid 20th Century Fauvist School/Autumn Landscape/unsigned/oil on canvas, 45cm x 59cm/Note: Property of a Corporate Client (VAT payable on hammer price)
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

329Lot 329 details & condition report or notes
Attributed to Constant Troyon/Donkey/oil on canvas, 41cm x 59cm/
Estimate £800 - 1200 plus fees

330Lot 330 details
19th Century, after George Morland/Stable Interior/oil on copper, 17cm x 23cm
Estimate £80 - 100 plus fees

331Lot 331 details
Thomas McEwan (Scotish 1846-1914)/Boy Playing the Recorder/signed and dated 1873/oil on canvas, 34.5cm x 29cm
Estimate £150 - 200 plus fees

332Lot 332 details
Renato Cataldi (Brazilian 1909-1981)/Hummingbird/signed/oil on panel, 20cm x 14cm/Provenance: The Tryon Gallery
Estimate £150 - 200 plus fees

333Lot 333 details
Late 19th/early 20th Century Indian School/Elephants and Nude by Waterfall/oil on board, 46cm x 39.5cm
Estimate £40 - 60 plus fees

334Lot 334 details
19th Century/Iconographic Figure of St Simon/oil on panel, 23.5cm x 18.5cm/in gilt frame with panelled hinged front
Estimate £150 - 200 plus fees

335Lot 335 details & condition report or notes
Sergio Salvagnini (Italian 1918-2008)/Homage to Picasso/signed, label verso, dated 1972/oil on canvas, 90cm x 70cm/Provenance: Federation of British Artists Gallery, London
Estimate £50 - 80 plus fees

336Lot 336 details & condition report or notes
Ralston Gudgeon (Scottish 1910-1984)/Stag Rutting/signed/oil on board, 59cm x 104cm
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

337Lot 337 details
John Brandon Smith (British 1848-1884)/Waterfall/oil on canvas, 69cm x 76cm/Provenance: Collection of W F Hancock, Christie's 30th November 1895, chalked number and stencil verso
Estimate £200 - 300 plus fees

338Lot 338 details
19th Century English School/Portrait of Mrs Elizabeth Pilkington/oval, oil on canvas, 41.5cm x 34cm/Note: Mrs Elizabeth Pilkington was the wife of William Pilkington, founder of Pilkington Glass
Estimate £200 - 300 plus fees

339Lot 339 details
Walter Boodle (British 1862-1914)/View from Perrymead, Bath/detailing the Abbey, Royal Crescent and trees/oil on canvas, 50cm x 67cm/
Estimate £400 - 600 plus fees

340Lot 340 details
17th Century English School/Portrait of a Gentleman/oil on canvas, 75cm x 62cm
Estimate £500 - 700 plus fees

341Lot 341 details
Vincent Clare (British 1855-1930)/Still Life of Fruit/Still Life of Flowers/a pair/signed, dated and inscribed verso 1896/oil on canvas, 14cm x 19.5cm/
Estimate £400 - 600 plus fees

342Lot 342 details
John Lynn (act. 1826-1869)/French Paddle Steamer, Brig and other Shipping off Istanbul/oil on canvas, 67cm x 49cm/Provenance: Colin Denny/
Estimate £1500 - 2000 plus fees

343Lot 343 details
William P Sherlock (British 1780-1821)/Dancers in an Italianate Landscape/oil on canvas, 55cm x 74cm/
Estimate £800 - 1200 plus fees

344Lot 344 details
Joseph Thors (British 1835-1920)/View Near Oxford/signed/oil on panel, 18cm x 29cm
Estimate £200 - 300 plus fees

345Lot 345 details
Sidney Yates Johnson (British act. 1890-1926)/Figures on the Shore/a wrecked vessel in the distance/oil on canvas, 19cm x 39.5cm
Estimate £100 - 150 plus fees

346Lot 346 details
19th Century English School/Portrait of a Gentleman/half-length, wearing a white stock and brown coat/oil on canvas, 61cm x 50cm
Estimate £100 - 150 plus fees

347Lot 347 details
19th Century English School/Portrait of a Young Boy/wearing a green coat and holding a dog with another at his side/oil on canvas, 30cm x 26cm/
Estimate £600 - 800 plus fees

348Lot 348 details
John Berney Crome (British 1794-1842)/Wooded Path Near Diss, Norfolk/signed/oil on paper, 33cm x 26cm
Estimate £250 - 350 plus fees

349Lot 349 details
Arthur Graham/Fisherman on a Scottish Loch/signed/oil on paper, 14cm x 15cm
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

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