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Lot No.DescriptionIllustration
520Lot 520 details
18th Century Continental School/Figure Group/reproduction print, 14cm x 9.5cm/another of a lion and a couple in profile
Estimate £20 - 30 plus fees

521Lot 521 details
Jacques Firmin Beauvarlet (French 1731-1797) after Francois Boucher/L'Arrivee du Courier/Le Depart du Courier/a pair/coloured stipple engraving, 41cm x 31cm
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

522Lot 522 details & condition report or notes
Percy Lancaster (British 1878-1951)/Breton Market Stall/signed and inscribed No.1 to the margin/etching, 15.5cm x 20cm
Estimate £30 - 50 plus fees

523Lot 523 details
19th Century School/The Vapour of the Earth Covers the House on the Mountain/The Two Lakes Like Two Looking Glasses/a pair of Chinese landscapes/numbered 13 & 14/handcoloured etchings, 30cm x 31cm
Estimate £150 - 200 plus fees

524Lot 524 details & condition report or notes
After Fra Angelico/Two Angels/hand coloured prints, total height 47.5cm/in gilt Florentine frames
Estimate £100 - 150 plus fees

525Lot 525 details
After Georges Pierre Guinegault (French 1893-1982)/Quatre Impressions Arabes/a set of four in folio slip/pochoir prints, each 25cm x 19cm/another three loose by the same hand, a set of four prints after Carlos Bady and a set of twelve lithographs of George Carpentier after Marcel Merignargues in original folio slip, 31cm x 24cm
Estimate £50 - 70 plus fees

526Lot 526 details
Samuel Arlent Edwards (1862-1935)/Ayrshire/winner of the Derby Stakes at Epsom 1888/and two 19th Century black and white photographs and various other prints
Estimate £80 - 100 plus fees

527Lot 527 details & condition report or notes
David Shepherd (British 1931-2017)/Cheetah/limited edition number 226 of 350/signed/lithograph, 42cm x 69cm/and three others: Snow Leopard, Jaguars and The Scavengers
Estimate £150 - 200 plus fees

528Lot 528 details & condition report or notes
David Shepherd (British 1931-2017)/Burning Bright/ limited edition 458 of 2000/signed/lithograph, 42cm x 72cm/and two others: The Rhino's Last Stand? and Cool Tiger
Estimate £100 - 150 plus fees

529Lot 529 details & condition report or notes
David Shepherd (British 1931-2017)/The Two Gentlemen of Savuti/limited edition 1156 of 1500/signed/lithograph, 40cm x 68cm/and another, The Hot Springs of Yellowstone/Simon Combes (British 1940-2004)/Leopard in a Tree/limited edition print 772 of 850/lithograph, 67cm x 39cm
Estimate £100 - 150 plus fees

530Lot 530 details & condition report or notes
Simon Combes (British 1940-2004)/The Connoisseurs Collection in three portfolios/1. Cats of the Jungle: Eyes of Warning, Indian Summer, Jungle Phantom/2. Cats of the Plains: Golden Silhouette, Pride, Serious Intent/3. Cats of Snow: Siberian Winter, Mountain Myth, Snow Tracker/together with the masterwork Lion About/limited edition No. 3/500/unframed colour prints/
Estimate £200 - 300 plus fees

531Lot 531 details
19th Century/George and the Dragon/cutwork print with silvered metal and silk detailing, 22cm x 18.5cm and/two hand coloured hunting prints
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

532Lot 532 details
Bartolozzi after Cipriani/Prudence and Beauty/Genius and Beauty/a pair/published Jan 3 1794/stipple engravings, 16.5cm x 20cm/and sundry prints
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

533Lot 533 details
Edmund Scott (1758-1811)/After George Morland/Putti/a pair/hand coloured stipple engravings/the sheet, 18cm x 14cm and/Maiden in a Boat/tondo/stipple engraving, 29cm diameter
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

534Lot 534 details
George Belcher (British 1875-1947)/A Hero of the Ring and His Agent/hand coloured engraving, 27cm x 24cm/another similar, and two others published by Humphrey
Estimate £30 - 50 plus fees

535Lot 535 details
After Gaspard Poussin (1615-1675)/Two Italian Portraits/engravings, the sheet 27cm x 18cm/James MacArdell (Irish 1729-1765)/Sir J Crisp Gascoyne, Lord Mayor of London/mezzotint/and two further Italian landscapes
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

536Lot 536 details
No Lot
Estimate £0 - 0 plus fees

537Lot 537 details
St Paul's Cathedral, Calcutta/coloured engraving/and six other coloured engravings, cathedrals, interiors, etc.
Estimate £50 - 70 plus fees

538Lot 538 details
C H Bacle (Swiss 1794-1838) after Viau/Trages y Costumbres de la Provincia de Buenos-Aires/lithographs, in card portfolio dated 1946, 28 of the 36 prints present
Estimate £20 - 30 plus fees

539Lot 539 details
Hooker after Fitch/Rhododendron/two others of Magnolia and five others/oil painting and watercolour facsimiles
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

540Lot 540 details
After Old Masters/five painting facsimiles
Estimate £70 - 90 plus fees

541Lot 541 details
After Old Masters/four painting facsimiles
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

542Lot 542 details
After Old Masters/three painting facsimiles
Estimate £40 - 60 plus fees

543Lot 543 details
20th Century/Partridge, Snipe, Wild Duck and Pheasant Shooting/four prints, 32cm x 28cm
Estimate £30 - 40 plus fees

544Lot 544 details & condition report or notes
Nigel Hemming (British, born 1957)/Wet and Dry/two coloured prints, 48cm x 37cm/and two others
Estimate £40 - 60 plus fees

545Lot 545 details
Two Hunting prints
Estimate £20 - 30 plus fees

546Lot 546 details
F Bartolozzi after Holbein/The Lady Buts, Holbein's Wife, John Poines,Thomas Parrie and other courtiers of Henry VIII/stipple engravings, various sizes (8)/
Estimate £400 - 600 plus fees

547Lot 547 details
Three reverse glass pictures/Duck Shooting/Woodcock Shooting/Partridge Shooting/19cm x 24cm
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

548Lot 548 details
Sem (Georges Goursat 1863-1934)/World War I Poster: Pour Le Triomphe Souscrivez A L'Emprunt National, Banque De Credit/ lithograph, 110cm x 77cm
Estimate £100 - 150 plus fees

549Lot 549 details & condition report or notes
Charles 'Snaffles' Johnson Payne (British 1884-1967)/The Bonnie Blue Bonnets, Frae over the Border/colour print, 27cm x 24cm and/Jock (K.I)/colour print, 28.5cm x 20.5cm/both with vignettes to border and Snaffles blind stamp/and two Lionel Edwards hunting prints
Estimate £80 - 100 plus fees

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