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930Lot 930 details & condition report or notes
An Eastern rug with stylised motifs, 385cm x 216cm
Sold for £1200

931Lot 931 details
A Peruvian rug, worked with a central figural motif to a red ground, 204cm x 290cm
Sold for £30

932Lot 932 details
A group of various rugs to include a geometric red, navy and yellow example, 198cm x 98cm
Sold for £70

933Lot 933 details
An Eastern rug worked in blues and reds to a pink ground, 148cm x 192cm and two runners
Sold for £100

934Lot 934 details
A Kilim rug worked in browns, cream and blue, 225cm x 150cm and a multicoloured runner
Sold for £20

935Lot 935 details
A modern Tabris carpet worked in reds, yellows and blues to a cream ground, 200cm x 140cm and two others
Sold for £35

936Lot 936 details
An Indian rug, the central ivory ground medallion to a surround of foliate scrolls on a brick red ground within a blue border, 300cm x 202cm
Sold for £160

937Lot 937 details
An Isfahan rug, with all over floral design on a cream ground, 187cm x 116cm
Sold for £70

938Lot 938 details
A Shiraz rug, with all over geometric design on a red ground, 230cm x 102cm
Sold for £30

939Lot 939 details
An Eastern style carpet with central medallion on a green ground within a figured floral border, 372cm x 272cm
Sold for £200

940Lot 940 details
A machine made floral carpet with red ground central field, 302cm x 302cm
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

941Lot 941 details & condition report or notes
An Isfahan rug with central medallion on a camel coloured floral ground within a floral border, 161cm x 105cm
Sold for £380

942Lot 942 details & condition report or notes
An Isfahan silk rug with central medallions within a surround of boteh and with camel ground border, signed, 187cm x 115cm/
Sold for £500

943Lot 943 details & condition report or notes
A Qum silk Tree of Paradise rug with numerous birds and animals on a dark blue ground, 188cm x 109cm/
Sold for £400

944Lot 944 details & condition report or notes
A Qum rug with crimson ground geometric field within a floral border, 167cm x 106cm
Sold for £400

945Lot 945 details
A Chinese carpet, decorated foliate scrolls to an ivory and brown ground, 310cm x 245cm
Sold for £50

946Lot 946 details & condition report or notes
An Isfahan carpet, the red and blue field with birds, flowers and urns, within a pale main border, approximately 300cm x 196cm/
Sold for £820

947Lot 947 details & condition report or notes
A Tabriz silk rug, North West Persia, signed, 201cm x 136cm
Sold for £420

948Lot 948 details & condition report or notes
An Isfahan rug with pale blue field, signed, 165 x 108cm/
Sold for £1000

949Lot 949 details
An Isfahan ivory ground part silk rug with scrolling vines and palmettes around a central medallion, 206cm x 125cm
Sold for £400

950Lot 950 details
A Qum hunting rug, 152cm x 109cm
Sold for £220

951Lot 951 details
A Malayir runner, the floral field to an indigo ground within a multiple border, 305cm x 111cm
Estimate £200 - 300 plus fees

952Lot 952 details
An West Persian rug with central medallion to a dark blue ground within a geometric border, 223cm x 164cm
Sold for £60

953Lot 953 details
A large Meshed carpet, North East Persia, circa 1935, signed to one end, 702cm x 346cm/Provenance: The Old Manor House, Tetbury
Sold for £750

954Lot 954 details
A Serabend carpet, West Persia, 365cm x 280cm
Sold for £350

955Lot 955 details
An Indian rug, decorated floral motifs to a mauve ground within a multifield border, 204cm x 155cm and a Tekke rug, 135cm x 94cm
Sold for £250

956Lot 956 details
A Hamadan runner, West Persia, the foliate field within a border of flowerheads, 302cm x 102cm
Sold for £140

957Lot 957 details
An Afghan runner decorated five elephant foot medallions within a geometric border, 305cm x 106cm and a machine made runner, 347cm x 91cm
Sold for £70

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