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1060Lot 1060 details
A pair of Victorian whist markers, each marked Registered Whist Marker and with registration mark, 3.5cm diameter
Estimate £40 - 60 plus fees

1061Lot 1061 details
A Victorian rosewood writing slope, with mother-of-pearl vacant cartouche and escutcheon, 35.5cm wide and a small quantity of miscellanea to include a faux tortoiseshell snuff box, a horn beaker, a travelling alarm clock and a bronzed model of a dragon
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

1062Lot 1062 details
A quantity of cameras and a pair of cased binoculars, various
Estimate £40 - 60 plus fees

1063Lot 1063 details
Two Victorian papier-mâché face screens, one with chinoiserie decoration, the other with exotic birds
Estimate £80 - 120 plus fees

1064Lot 1064 details
Ten bottles of red wine, various vintages
Estimate £40 - 60 plus fees

1065Lot 1065 details
A Georgian Musical Board Game for Children by L M Drummond, published for Didier & Tebbett, St/
Estimate £300 - 500 plus fees

1066Lot 1066 details
A Victorian walnut decanter box by Chapman, Son & Co., containing four decanters with plated labels, the lid fitted for glasses, 24.5cm wide, a silver plate mounted claret jug and four decanters
Estimate £100 - 150 plus fees

1067Lot 1067 details
An early 19th Century tea caddy, inlaid a shell patera to the top and front, 18cm wide and a gilt brass cased carriage clock with leather carry case
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

1068Lot 1068 details
A group of miscellaneous items, to include a saddle bag, a mirror, a brass jardiniere and a wooden toy rocking horse
Estimate £100 - 150 plus fees

1069Lot 1069 details
An Eastern brass tray on stand and a butler's tray on stand
Estimate £40 - 60 plus fees

1070Lot 1070 details
A 19th Century bronze figural inkwell, modelled as the head of a African-American woman with enamelled headband and beaded hairnet, a boot pull, a lead tablespoon and another spoon
Estimate £80 - 120 plus fees

1071Lot 1071 details
A red fur teddy bear, a/f, 51cm high, another teddy bear with golden fur and a German bisque head doll, C M Bergmann, 1916, with linked composite body, 57cm high
Estimate £150 - 200 plus fees

1072Lot 1072 details
A quantity of Dinky and Lesney cars and similar, mid 20th Century and later, contained in a wicker hamper
Estimate £30 - 50 plus fees

1073Lot 1073 details
Three bronzed swords, a tribal arrow and another
Estimate £50 - 80 plus fees

1074Lot 1074 details
A Victorian pedlar doll wearing a straw bonnet and carrying a full basket of goods, set on a stand, 26.75cm high/
Estimate £300 - 500 plus fees

1075Lot 1075 details
A squat rectangular marble column with canted sides and stepped base, 72cm high
Estimate £300 - 500 plus fees

1076Lot 1076 details
A Persian dagger, the handle with birds head and gilded decoration of figures, scrolls etc., the sheath similarly decorated, 49cm long
Estimate £150 - 200 plus fees

1077Lot 1077 details
An oak carved model of a pulpit, on rectangular plinth, with miniature bible, 49cm wide
Estimate £150 - 200 plus fees

1078Lot 1078 details
A group of six Regency dolls, with overstuffed kid leather bodies and silk dress, on wire stands, each figure approximately 26cm high
Estimate £200 - 300 plus fees

1079Lot 1079 details
A pair of brass measures of tall tapered form with flared base and turned wooden handle, each 30cm high
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

1080Lot 1080 details
An 18th Century leather measure, with studded join and twin tab handles, 18.5cm high
Estimate £80 - 120 plus fees

1081Lot 1081 details
A pair of spelter urns and covers, on wooden plinths, 32cm high
Estimate £80 - 100 plus fees

1082Lot 1082 details
A Mamod steam car and a Mamod tractor engine 'TE1A'
Estimate £60 - 80 plus fees

1083Lot 1083 details
A brass Heemskerk candlestick, 22.5cm high
Estimate £100 - 150 plus fees

1084Lot 1084 details
A brass door porter and a quantity of sundries
Estimate £70 - 90 plus fees

1085Lot 1085 details
A small turned wood bowl and a stool
Estimate £40 - 60 plus fees

1086Lot 1086 details
A collection of sixty-three enamel racing badges, The Racecourses of Britain, the majority 1977 to 1999, one Liverpool County Stand 1931, mounted, framed and glazed, the frame 50cm x 69cm/
Estimate £600 - 800 plus fees

1087Lot 1087 details
A muzzle loading musket with steel barrel and ramrod having a walnut stock, 142cm long
Estimate £80 - 100 plus fees

1088Lot 1088 details
A carving knife, fork and steel with horn handles and a 19th Century gilt metal wall light
Estimate £30 - 40 plus fees

1089Lot 1089 details
A quantity of picture hanging rods
Estimate £30 - 50 plus fees

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