JANUARY 2019 - Tuesday 29 & Wednesday 30 - Winter Country House Sale including selected contents of Ombersley Court, Beverston Castle & other properties.

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1Lot 1 details
Twelve silver gilt handled forks, HH, Sheffield, with embossed handles and twelve gilt plated spoons similar/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £90

2Lot 2 details
A silver entrée dish, William Comyns, London 1913, of octagonal form with swing handles and ring handle to cover, 22.5cm wide, approximately 935gm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £550

3Lot 3 details & condition report or notes
A silver two-handled bowl and cover, MF, London 1903, with half-ribbed decoration, crested, 18cm high, approximately 557gm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £200

4Lot 4 details
A Victorian silver ladle and a pair of basting spoons, JW, Exeter 1859, of double stuck bead edge pattern and a single struck basting spoon similar, crested, approximately 825gm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £320

5Lot 5 details
Twelve silver-handled dessert knives, D&S, Sheffield 1948, cased and a pair of plated asparagus servers, cased/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £70

6Lot 6 details
A silver card waiter, James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield 1924, with beaded edge and claw and ball feet, 20.5cm diameter, approximately 295gm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £100

7Lot 7 details & condition report or notes
A pair of George III silver sauce boats, WS, 1765, with gadrooned rims and leaf capped scroll handles, approximately 425gm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £380

8Lot 8 details & condition report or notes
A silver bowl, Barnard, London 1906, of serpentine outline with reeded rim, 15cm diameter, approximately 270gm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £80

9Lot 9 details
A silver toast rack, Hamilton & Inches, Edinburgh 1895, approximately 112gm and four plated toast racks/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £100

10Lot 10 details
A George III silver drum-shaped teapot, IC, London 1775, 12cm high, approximately 428gm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £350

11Lot 11 details
An Irish silver cream jug, Weir & Sons, Dublin 1909, on lion mask capped legs, 11.5cm high, approximately 158gm /Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £190

12Lot 12 details & condition report or notes
A Scottish silver zodiac bowl and jug, GE&S, Glasgow 1884, another sugar bowl and two jugs, approximately 475gm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £250

13Lot 13 details & condition report or notes
An Art Deco silver cigarette box, HK, Birmingham 1951, 13cm wide and three silver ashtrays, one inscribed Royal Windsor Horse Show 1956/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £60

14Lot 14 details
Three silver mounted whisky toddies, John Thomas Heath & John Hartshorne Middleton, London 1902/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £250

15Lot 15 details
A Victorian silver fish slice and fork, HH, Sheffield 1877, with carved ivory handles modelled as an eel circled around a fish /Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £350

16Lot 16 details
Two pairs of cased silver napkin rings, and another two napkin rings approximately 190gm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £90

17Lot 17 details
A set of six George III silver teaspoons, William Eley & William Fearn, London 1805, six similar, JW & Co, Exeter 1876/77, six other similar teaspoons various, approximately 334gm and six plated spoons to match/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £130

18Lot 18 details
A silver measure, WH, London 1905, with sliding cabochon turquoise and garnet buttons, 12" long/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £160

19Lot 19 details
A George III silver meat skewer, William Eley, William Fearn & William Chawner, London 1808, 33cm long, approximately 103gm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £100

20Lot 20 details
A quantity of silver cruets including a pair of mustard pots and pepper pots on lion mask legs, London 1919 and two drum shaped mustard pots, approximately 740gm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £250

21Lot 21 details
A William IV silver Christening mug, CF, London 1837 and three footed bonbon dishes of pierced spiral form, London 1888, approximately 265gm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £130

22Lot 22 details
A silver quaich, B&S, Edinburgh 1920, 15.5cm wide and another, Birmingham 1920, approximately 298gm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £120

23Lot 23 details
A George III silver ladle, Peter & Ann Bateman, London 1798, approximately 183gm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £160

24Lot 24 details
A George II silver waiter, Ebenezer Coker & Thomas Hannam, London 1759, with pie-crust edge and traces of erased armorial, 17cm wide, approximately 200gm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £180

25Lot 25 details
A Cartier silver ashtray with faux bamboo rim, 14.5cm wide, engraved initials and date 1963, approximately 100gm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £120

26Lot 26 details & condition report or notes
A Victorian silver sugar caster, Birmingham 1894, of embossed baluster form, 18cm high and a sauce boat, Sheffield 1924, approximately 290gm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £250

27Lot 27 details
A silver inkstand, Sheffield 1924, 22cm wide and a silver letter rack, Birmingham 1900, 12.5cm wide, approximately 498gm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £180

28Lot 28 details
A pair of silver lidded jugs, John Thomas Heath & John Hartshorne Middleton, Birmingham 1900, with cane covered handles, 10cm high, approximately 232gm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £180

29Lot 29 details
Fifteen silver coffee spoons with coffee bean terminals and sundry teaspoons, approximately 327gm gross/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £80

30Lot 30 details & condition report or notes
A set of ten silver teaspoons, Francis Higgins, London 1893, with rope twist handles and a set of eight teaspoons with shell engraved bowls, GA, London 1873, approximately 214gm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £80

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