JANUARY 2019 - Tuesday 29 & Wednesday 30 - Winter Country House Sale including selected contents of Ombersley Court, Beverston Castle & other properties.

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415Lot 415 details & condition report or notes
Three air-twist goblets, possibly circa 1750, the round funnel bowls on single spiral stems, 20.25cm diameter (3) /Provenance: Ombersley Court
Sold for £950

416Lot 416 details
A 19th Century suite of glass decanters in two sizes and a matching tumbler, possibly French (5)
Sold for £300

417Lot 417 details
A pair of English cut glass candle lustres, mid 19th Century, the sconce and drip pan each with seven pear shaped drops, 27cm high/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £140

418Lot 418 details & condition report or notes
A cut glass goblet and cover, 19th Century, the thistle shaped bowl with honeycomb and diamond cutting, facet cut finial and stem, 42cm high/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £50

419Lot 419 details & condition report or notes
A group of glass decanters and jugs comprising a cut and engraved pair of decanters, three plain decanters, a pair of wrythen jugs and a green glass jug/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £160

420Lot 420 details & condition report or notes
A large pair of cut glass vases, 20th Century, of flared form with fan and diamond cutting, 30cm high/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £50

421Lot 421 details
An oversized glass goblet with cut bowl and faceted stem, 29.5cm high and four glass goblets/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £150

422Lot 422 details
A pair of cut glass jars and covers of compressed globular form, 18cm high, a pair of oval bowls, early 19th Century and a pair of circular glass bowls/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £200

423Lot 423 details & condition report or notes
A Regency cut glass decanter and stopper and a set of four wine rinsers, with step and diamond cutting, decanter 26cm high/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £90

424Lot 424 details
Two Victorian glass funnels, wrythen fluted, 18cm and 34cm/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £20

425Lot 425 details
A pair of glass goblets engraved with cock fighting scenes to the tapering bowls, plain stems, 19th Century, 19.5cm high/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £60

426Lot 426 details
Two oversized air twist stemmed glasses, 19th Century in the 18th Century style, with Mortlocks, Oxford St, London retailer's mark, 61cm high/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £250

427Lot 427 details
A pair of gold-flecked Murano glass candlesticks, with wrythen globular stems, 22cm high and a pink glass dish similar/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £100

428Lot 428 details
A pair of lobed oval cut glass bowls with fan-shaped panels and hobnail cutting, 20th Century, 28cm long/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £25

429Lot 429 details
A cut and engraved glass vase, of basket form with opposing oval panels engraved flower baskets, cut all-over with diamonds, 20th Century, 25cm high/Provenance: Beverston Castle
Sold for £60

430Lot 430 details
A studio glass dish, 50cm diameter
Estimate £80 - 120 plus fees

431Lot 431 details
An 18th Century wine glass, the bowl engraved roses on a white gauze stem, 12.5cm high, another with engraved wrythen bowl, 15cm high and nine others
Sold for £200

432Lot 432 details
A ruby tinted glass claret jug with plated mounts, 28cm high and two others, both with plated mounts
Sold for £160

433Lot 433 details & condition report or notes
A cut glass bonbonniere and cover, of vase shape, 31cm high, containing a quantity of mineral eggs
Sold for £80

434Lot 434 details
A pair of cut and engraved glass jars, second half 19th Century, engraved with floral swags and cut with diamond borders, 23cm high
Sold for £160

435Lot 435 details
A hobnail cut glass preserve jar and cover, first half 19th Century, oviform with step and prism cut borders, 21cm high
Sold for £130

436Lot 436 details
A pair of cut glass jars and covers and an oval bowl, 19th Century, the jars of tapering form with flat-cut diamond borders, 30cm high
Sold for £350

437Lot 437 details
A pair of cut glass comports and a jar, cover and stand, 19th Century, the boat-shaped comports and circular jar cut with a broad border of diamonds between combs, the comports 20cm long
Sold for £300

438Lot 438 details
A pair of mottled pink glass vases each with trails of decoration to the necks, 16cm high, a cranberry glass vase with Mary Gregory style decoration and frilled rim, 20cm high and three other pieces of cranberry glass
Sold for £20

439Lot 439 details
Two cranberry glass decanters and stoppers each of baluster form with clear reeded handle, 30cm and 28cm high, a jug with cut decoration and a small jug and bowl, each on a petalled foot
Sold for £90

440Lot 440 details
A Bohemian red glass decanter and stopper decorated a leaping stag, 33.5cm high and six matching glasses, a Bohemian glass vase and a cranberry glass pipe
Sold for £25

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