Lily Power (MBA)

Asian Art Specialist 亚洲艺术品鉴定师

01452 344499

Lily was born and grew up in China. Lily avquired a wealth of experience in valuing and cataloguing Asian Art and Works of Art. With a background in English-Mandarin translation and business marketing, she is here to assist you either in English or in Mandarin.

Lily 与出生在中国,在英国活得工商管理硕士学位。她在亚洲艺术品鉴赏方面经验丰富,她在工商管理和中英文翻译领域也涉猎良多,如果您希望用普通话和我们交流沟通,请联系她。


Telephone: 01452 344499

Mobile: 07970618828

WeChat: lilyp39

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